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Post your gossip in the most recent post. Commenting anonymously is encouraged.

This place is neither pro- nor anti-J2. You are allowed to voice out your opinion but be mature about it and respect everyone else's views too. Any other Supernatural related gossip is welcome as well.

Use the subject lines in your comments. It will make navigating long threads easier for everyone.

No talking about other fans unless it's relevant to the information posted. Even then, don't put anyone in a negative light.
ETA: Usually, it is relevant only to determine the veracity of the information they provide. In general, stick to discussing the gossip - fans can be discussed in

Don't post screen caps or direct copy and paste from friends locked posts. If you are going to share information you've seen in a locked post, please don't name the person. ETA: In all other cases, please post a link to the source of the information.

Any gossip related to unaired episodes is discussed in the spoiler post. Talking about the most recent episode until 24 hours after it has aired should be taken there too.

ETA: Gossip from two specific unreliable sources should be done in
Post #1, Kruezer and Gossip Boy.

Can't keep up with the comments? Track 'em. Or create a gmail account, this is the most effective way of tracking, this way you will receive every post made to the community.

Try not to start wank. I'm sure you have common sense, use it.
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